The Trio's recent performance on the Music for a Great Space series was warmly received, including a review by Classical Voice, North Carolina.

The following are comments excerpted from previous concert reviews:

 “Pianist David Gross, violinist Deirdre Hutton and cellist Christopher Hutton displayed impeccable ensemble skills and it was obvious that all three were extremely experienced chamber musicians. They played the early Beethoven work with flair and passion, sensitively bringing out the composer's intentions and the musicality of each movement. The Brahms trio was no less impressive with the well-written work receiving the weight and attention it deserved. One of the best things about the trio playing was the space each instrument was given when it was their time to shine. It was an illuminating and well performed concert.” 

– Val Sheriff, Tauranga

 “An enchanting and emotional experience. A surreal and magical journey.” 

– Ben Curran, the Marlborough Express

 “The Poinsett Piano Trio is indeed what Robbie Deans would term a champion team, blending seamlessly together with no-one overshadowing the rest.”

– Patrick Shepherd, The Christchurch Press

“This is an impressive ensemble with the quality of polished playing, immediately evident from the first item, by Rachmaninoff. [In the Beethoven] the texture was exceptionally clear and well balanced with very effective dynamic contrasts – each player contributing beautifully shaped melodic lines throughout all movements. Twentieth century music style was communicated just as successfully in a very committed and convincing performance of the Shostakovich [in which] the many sometimes disparate ideas [were combined] into an integrated performance.”

 – Peter Williams, The Central Hawkes Bay Mail

“The ensemble playing was impeccable, with complete rapport between the players. There was nothing between the audience and the composer’s intentions. This is a very able Trio, and I hope they will tour again before too long.”

 – Rosemary Collier, Middle C Concert Reviews

“If you get a chance to hear the Poinsett Trio for yourself, you should grab it with both hands.” 

– Paul Serotsky, Seen and Heard International