Introducing The Poinsett Piano Trio

After having performed together with great success for several years in other chamber combinations, David Gross, Deirdre Hutton, and Christopher Hutton founded the Poinsett Piano Trio in 2008.  All three members of the trio live in Greenville, South Carolina and teach at Furman University, a Liberal Arts college with a strong music program.  They have perform frequently on chamber music series in the United States and made international tours as a Trio to New Zealand in 2010 and 2013, and to Germany in 2012.

The ensemble is named in honor of Joel Roberts Poinsett, a statesman, physician, and botanist from South Carolina.  Like the members of the trio he had an international life and career:  living in England as a child, training in medical school in Scotland, traveling extensively in Europe and South America, and later was elected to Congress before serving as Minister (ambassador) to Mexico.  Poinsett is most remembered today as the discoverer of the Mexican Poinsettia plant, whose bright red flowers are popularly included in festive Christmas decorations throughout the world.  Visit the trio on the web at

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